Aspire Credit Union is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Thanks to this collaboration, the credit union can now offer additional mortgage products to its members, including but not limited to FHA, VA, and fixed-rate mortgage loan products that were not previously available. This expansion allows Aspire to meet more individuals’ needs with competitive rates and secondary market financing.

With a strong focus on customer service, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation received national recognition for “Highest Customer Satisfaction” from J.D. Power in 2023. Hannah Lautenschlager, a local representative of Fairway, shared “Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is proud to collaborate with Aspire Credit Union to offer an expanded array of mortgage loan options. I believe that Fairway’s size, speed, and support will complement Aspire Credit Union while upholding the unparalleled service their members have come to appreciate.” Lautenschlager approached Aspire Credit Union with the partnership opportunity, and the credit union immediately embraced the vision of providing this exceptional service to its members.

According to Jalisa Tinnes, a Mortgage Loan Officer at Aspire Credit Union, this partnership means that the credit union can now offer a wider range of mortgage products to members. As a result, members have more options to choose from and can find the right product to meet their needs while receiving local support and customer service throughout the process.

Overall, Aspire Credit Union’s partnership with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is a significant benefit to its members. By collaborating with a trusted company that shares its vision, the credit union can continue to provide excellent service and meet the evolving needs of its members.