Your credit score is extremely important. It is a financial tool that determines if you get a loan and the interest rate you’ll pay on your loans. It is also looked at by landlords, utility companies, insurers and cell phone companies.

Why? Having a good credit score is deemed less risky by future lenders and companies because it indicates your willingness to make payment on different types of loans in a responsible way. They want to know how risky it is to do business with you.

Student credit cards can be a great starting place to establish good credit, which will help you make major purchases down the line. Getting your first credit card can be a big step in your financial journey. We’re here to help you make a smart choice.

  • Build a strong financial future
  • Build your credit while you’re in school (which, if done well, could help you get a larger loan for a car, a home and more later)
  • Students ages 18 and older can qualify without a co-signer
  • Manage your modest credit line while you’re a student and qualify for a higher line after graduation
  • Access free financial education and credit counselling

Benefits of Student Credit Cards from Aspire

  • Credit cards allow you to make purchases without carrying cash along with lowest-interest rate and a lower spending limit than our other cards.
  • By responsibly using credit cards, you can raise your credit scores. Future loans and monetary choices may benefit from this.
  • When using student credit cards, you can accrue cash back, points, or miles through reward programs.
  • A student credit card might act as a short-term source of funding in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

Know your basics:

  • You have to be a full time student
  • Have a steady source of income
  • Have proof of your enrollment or acceptance letter from your institution
  • Rates as low as 5.90% APR
  • We have added an additional security level; it is called Real-Time Decisioning. Connect with us to know more
  • On the day of your 25th birthday, we would automatically switch to the card with rewards at the respective rate
  • No Annual fees

For students, a lot of the learning that comes from school happens outside the classroom. At Aspire, we want students’ real-world financial education to be as easy as possible. Let’s connect.