Free Financial Education

Aspire Credit Union has partnered with Banzai to bring you clear, in-depth lessons to help you dive into the financial topics you care most about. Banzai, a premium online financial literacy program, is here to answer all of your financial questions! Check out the modules below and click here for all financial education programs.

Banzai Collection

In the Banzai Collection you can find the launch pad for all activities within a given topic.   If you are interested in buying a car, clicking on that topic will bring you all Banzai’s provided resources.


In the Coaching section, users will work through activities with a guide along the way.  Depending on the selected topic, the times of activities will vary up to 20 minutes.

Budget Calculators

Use this Budgeting Calculators section to actually calculate everything from payments, interest and how much you should be saving. With over 30 calculators to choose from, Banzai outlines a robust number of options in less then 10 minutes.


Within the featured Articles, Banzai covers a ton of life events to help the user get a ballpark idea on the things to look for during a life transition. From smaller activities such as opening an account, to larger life events such as buying a home, these articles cover it all.


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