For the last 40 years, Mindee Kohlman has been an active and influential member of the Credit Union movement in the Dakotas. She is highly respected by her peers and knows all operational aspects and interworking of the credit union.  She has been with Aspire Community Federal Credit Union for 35 years.

On Friday, February 17, 2023, Jason Rohrer, President of Aspire’s Board of Directors announced Kohlman’s intent to retire in 2023. “Mindee will be difficult to replace. She retains a wealth of knowledge from her years of service, and we could not be more grateful for her leadership and dedication to this institution during that time.”

The details about the President/CEO position will be posted on Aspire Credit Union’s website, LinkedIn, and other credit union job listing platforms across the upper Midwest. The listings contain the directions and requirements for the position. “The Board of Directors is committed to finding the right candidate to fill Mindee’s shoes,” Rohrer continued, “she has been a tremendous asset.” The goal is to have someone hired before Kohlman retires to provide an opportunity for the new hire to learn from her and provide training time. Kohlman will serve as a resource as the new person gets settled.