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Minot Credit Union

Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit makes it easy to deposit checks on the go. Use your smartphone or mobile device camera to send an image of your check with online banking.

Mobile Deposit Step by Step

  1. Endorse your check and write “For Mobile Deposit Only at Aspire CFCU” near your signature.
  2. Open Aspire Mobile App and sign in.
  3. Select Deposit
  4. Select Deposit a check
  5. Select the account you wish the check would be deposited into
  6. Enter amount
  7. Take picture of front of check
  8. Take picture of check’s back
  9. Review deposit info and submit.
Minot Credit Union

Mobile Deposit Tips

  • Endorse your check by signing the back in blue or black ink and writing “For  Mobile Deposit Only at Aspire CFCU” near your signature
  • Photograph your check on a dark surface for a clear background
  • Smooth out check so that it lies flat
  • Know that some checks might not work with Mobile Deposit, e.g., checks with a cluttered design, unemployment, insurance checks and money orders.
Minot Credit Union

Photography Tips

  • Hold the phone directly above the check
  • Do not come from an angle
  •  Hold the phone as steady as possible
  • Keep the default flash on for better lighting
  • Verify the entire check is visible and that the text is clear
Minot Credit Union

Post-Deposit Tips

  • Mobile check deposits do not show up immediately
  • Give us a call if you are having issues with mobile check deposit
  • Keep the check for 30 days in case there are issues with your deposit

Funds availability for a depositied check depends on a couple factors:

– Collectability: Depending on the amount of the check, and what the current balance is in your account, some of the check may be withheld untill the check has cleared. Once its been cleared the balance of the check will be put into your account.

– Pro Tip: If you need the funds immediatly in your Aspire Credit Union account, cash the check at the local institution that issued it and depeosit the cash here in your account. This will ensure the funds are available right away.


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