Diversity Matters to Us

As a credit union, we believe in People Helping People. At Aspire, we help people best when we listen to them, advocate for them, and stand with them through wherever life takes them. This applies to everyone, anytime.

To Black, Indigenous, and People of Color around the world, in our communities, and in our Aspire Family:

We See You.

We Hear You.

We Believe in You.

We Stand With You.

As an organization we’ve developed core values to turn to when the questions are tough. The two we turn to now are “Help Others” and “Stay Accountable.”

Aspire is committed to living up to these values. We are having tough conversations, learning about our privilege, incorporating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training into our staff requirements, and reevaluating how we can better support our community to uphold these values. As a credit union we are connected to a worldwide community of credit unions working together to provide education and resources to help us listen and learn. We will do the work ourselves, but we will also take a step back and learn from those who know better than we do.


Together we can build a better tomorrow.

Questions? Concerns? Contact us!

If you need to reach out to us, we’ll be here to help via phone at (701) 837-5353, through email, or you can message us on Facebook to assist you with all of your financial needs.