Is it Time to Plan Your Summer Staycation?

As summer temperatures start to rise, you might be feeling the need for a getaway. This summer, however, presents its own set of challenges. If the thought of booking a hotel, visiting rest stops across the country, and seeing large crowds of tourists does not sound like your idea of relaxation right now, then go for the next best thing: a local staycation. North Dakota offers an amazing amount of activities and getaways that can be made in a day trip or without even leaving your city.

Visit a State Park
Did you know you can borrow a park pass for free from most local libraries? Take a hike, see some wildlife, and enjoy the beauty of our state.

Check out the Pool and the Splash Pads
Pools and splash pads across the state are starting to open. Cool off and enjoy one the summer weather!

Visit the Roosevelt Park Zoo
The new big cat exhibits and continued improvements as well as the educational Zookeeper Chats guarantee you will experience something new each time you go. 

Your budget might be a little tighter this summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the fun!

  • Have a picnic lunch
  • Play at the park or splash pad
  • Take a walk or hike a new trail you’ve never explored
  • Play board games or yard games. Start a tournament and declare a summer champion!
  • Plan a movie night with tickets and snacks. Much cheaper than the movie theater. 
  • Check out a movie in the park
  • Build a blanket or box fort. (If you’ve been doing some online shopping, you might have an abundance of boxes.)
  • Have a campfire and s’more recipe challenge
  • Camp out in the backyard. (Or send the kids to camp while you enjoy some quiet time in the house.)
  • Try geocaching (No idea what that is? Check it out here.)

If your vacation plans do have travel involved, make sure you plan out your budget. For more information on how to get deals while traveling, check out 23 and Debt Free for more info. 


What staycation ideas are you looking forward to? Tag Aspire Credit Union in your pictures and show us what you’re up to!


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