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Interest Rate Effective Date: 08/01/2020

APR: Annual Percentage Rate
APY: Annual Percentage Yield

Loan Rates

Not all members will receive the lowest rate. Rates are dependent on credit reporting scores and other variables.
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LoanAPR as low as
New & Used Auto3.00%
Recreational Loans4.75%
Equipment Loans5.50%
Share Secured2.50%
Construction Real Estate4.75%
First or Second Mortgage3.25%
15 yr Fixed2.87%
30 yr Fixed3.50%

Share Savings

Share Savings0.10%
Christmas Club0.10%
Share Draft0.00%
Dividend Bearing SD0.05%
Bonus Shares
($500 - $24,999.99)
Bonus Shares
($25,000 - $149,999.99)
Bonus Shares ($150,000+)0.50%
IRA/ ESA Daily Savings1.00%

Share Certificate Rates*

Tiers$500-$9,999.99$10,000.00 +
6 Month0.14%0.15%
12 Month0.30%0.30%0.49%0.50%
24 Month0.49%0.50%0.74%0.75%
36 Month**0.54%0.55%0.74%0.75%
48 Month**0.79%0.80%0.99%1.00%
60 Month**1.04%1.05%1.24%1.25%

IRA Certificate Rates*

Traditional/ Roth/ Educational Savings AccountsRateAPY
Minimum deposit: $500
6 Month0.25%0.25%
12 Month0.49%0.50%
24 Month0.74%0.75%
36 Month**0.74%0.75%
48 Month**0.99%1.00%
60 Month**1.24%1.25%

Grow With Me Certificate*

Grow With Me CDMinimum $100 
12 Month 0.30%0.30%
24 Month0.49%0.50%

*Early Withdrawal Penalties Apply: Terms of 12 months or less 60 days' dividends, Terms of 13 months or longer 120 days' dividends.

**The 36, 48, and 60 month certificates have a One Time Bump option on the interest rate after 12, months. These certificates are not automatically renewable.