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Try our low-interest Student Visa card paired with our hometown service.

Aspire Credit Union, Minot, North Dakota – Our Student Visa credit card offers our lowest-interest rate and a lower spending limit than our other cards. Knowing Many of our youngest members may not have established credit, this card will allow the member to establish good credit behaviors as they use the card.

To qualify for the Student Visa Card, the individual would need to provide proof of age. The member would qualify for a set limit on the Student Visa card and on the day of their 25 birthday, they would automatically switch to the card with rewards at the respective rate.

We have added an additional security level to our credit cards; it is called Real-Time Decisioning. This system provides better detection and prevention of fraud. Because of this, it is very important for you to keep your phone numbers current, including your work, home, and cell phone, so you can be notified if fraud is suspected on your credit card. It is also essential to inform the credit union of any travel plans you may have so we can notate your account accordingly.

If you have a lost or stolen Visa credit card it should be reported as soon as possible. If we are not open at the time, please call 1-800-259-0103. If you use this after-hour number, please also be sure to call our office on the next business day so that a replacement card can be ordered.

Visa Student credit cards

Our Student Rate is 5.90% *APR Cardholder



Remitting Payment

You can remit payment in the following ways:
1. Pay using Online Banking.
2. Stop in our office and one of our professional staff members will assist.
3.  Mail check to

Visa Credit Card Purchase Verification

If you receive a call from our fraud-detection agency to verify purchases made on your Visa Student Credit Cards, you can contact us minot credit union or call us 1-800-259-0103 to get further information.

Address Change

Please, keep us in mind if you have moved! It is important that we have the correct phone number and address on file so that you can receive your statement, debit, or credit card re-issues, and important notices. You can change your address by mailing in a signed request, calling us, or stopping in.

APR – Annual Percentage Rate


What is a Student Visa Card?

The benefits of a Student Visa Card include building credit history, earning rewards on purchases, and having the ability to access funds in case of emergencies. With a Student Visa Card, students can learn financial responsibility while also managing their expenses effectively.

How do I get a Student Visa Card?

To receive a Student Visa Card, you must first meet certain eligibility criteria, such as being a full-time student, having a steady source of income, and providing proof of your enrollment or acceptance letter from your institution.

How do Student Visa Cards Work?

A Student Visa Card works like any other Visa card, with the key difference being that it is designed specifically for students. These credit cards generally come with a lower credit limit to help students build up their credit history without taking on too much debt. Overall a Student Visa Card can be a helpful tool for international students to manage their finances and build a strong credit history.

  • APR= Annual Percentage Rate
  • Membership Required
  • Proof of Age Required to Qualify
  • Other Rates and Terms are available.
  • Insured by NCUA


Visa Student credit cards