We’re distinctive than a bank. We’re a full-service, digital-first credit union. And as a credit union, we’re member-owned and not-for-profit, which implies fewer expenses and more benefits for you. Our members have access to many perks every day, and after our quick Aspire membership application process, you could too.

  1. Keeping our members’ money safe is our top priority here at Aspire Credit Union. While we often talk about safety in terms of internet security and fraud prevention, another way in which we safeguard the money that members have deposited with us is by exercising sound financial management practices.
  2. We ensure the credit union is maintaining enough cash to fund loans and deposit withdrawals for our members, and we invest any excess cash at the Federal Reserve or in a portfolio of government-backed securities.
  3. Because we are a federally insured credit union, each member has coverage of at least $250,000 under the NCUA Share Insurance Fund. We are examined annually by NCUA and the Department of Banking to ensure we remain financially sound.

A message from our management:

“While credit unions like Aspire are not-for-profit institutions, that doesn’t mean we don’t earn profits. It’s what we do with that profit that makes us different. Unlike publicly traded financial institutions, we give our member-owners a return on their investment in the form of lower or no fees for services, low interest rates on loans, and investments in enhancing our member experience. Aspire also spends time and resources on offering our members a wide range of financial education tools and tips in the form of blog posts, instructional videos, financial worksheets, and other resources so that they are prepared for financial success.”

Aspire’s not-for-profit membership model also places emphasis on community outreach. We provide financial wellness outreach to young people through colleges, collect baby item for the underprivileged, organizing blood drive, etc.

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the hard work of our staff and their continual pursuit of our organizational goals. We’d love to have you as our member.

Learn more about what makes us great and sign up for Aspire membership.