Savings Accounts

Easily compare our savings options with the breakdown of the variety of accounts listed below. Each account offers a different interest.

If you are intersted in adding a checking account to your account list, you can review those account options.

Saving Account Options

Regular Shares

  • Required for credit union membership.
  • Built in savings account
  • Minimum balance of $15

Bonus Shares

  • Tier-rated for interest rate
  • Higher interest rate for savings
  • Minimum balance of $500

Secondary Shares

  • Compartmentalize your savings
  • Nickname your share savings account
  • No minimum balance required

Emergency Fund

  • Set your emergency funds aside in their own share account
  • No minimum balance required

Pet Savings Club

  • Save separately for your pet expenses
  • No minimum balance require

Vacation Club

  • Save separately for vacation
  • No minimum balance required

Christmas Club Shares

  • Save separately for Christmas
  • Have your funds transferred into your checking account in November
  • No fees for early withdrawal
  • No minimum balance require

Voluntary Escrow Shares

  • Save separately for property taxes and home insurance
  • Not attached to mortgage
  • No minimum balance require

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