Aspire Credit Union is pleased to welcome two new team members to support our operations department in our Broadway location.

Amee Rasmusson joined the team in early May as a Member Experience Coordinator bringing in a large skillset to support members. Rasmusson is no stranger to the credit union movement as she has been an active member with our institution for over 28 years, opening her first account as an infant. Now with a son of her own, she is eager to begin supporting members as she has been supported in the past. “I am excited to get to know the members at Aspire,” Rasmusson said, “I am most looking forward to helping them with their needs and finding creative ways to find supportive solutions.”

Her aptitude toward organization and clear communication skills will make her an asset for assisting members. With a background as an enrollment specialist, she excelled in revenue management making sure accurate information was relayed to insurance companies. This detail-oriented approach will allow for efficient and effective support for the Aspire team and the members we serve.

Jacalynn Ostlund started mid-May and hit the ground running as a teller. Already excelling in her position, she joins the credit union with a vast background in customer service which will serve as a huge asset for our members. Ostlund has aspirations to grow as a professional at Aspire noting career growth and member support as important aspects for her. “I am looking forward to developing strong relationships with the members at Aspire so I can be a trusted representative as I grow my career,” she shared.

Ostlund, a graduate of Glenburn High School and is also a certified real estate agent in Minot and worked for several years as a barista at a busy local coffee house making her quick on her feet while teaching her invaluable multitasking skills. Ostlund resides in Minot with her dog named Snickers.