At Aspire, we do things differently. We serve our members, not shareholders.

Membership means more than great rates. We’re a not-for-profit, which means we return profits to you in the form of free accounts, lower fees, and free services. That’s the credit union difference.

Today we speak specifically about reduced auto loan rates and our enhanced services:

  1. Whether you’re looking for a new SUV or a pre-owned truck, we’ll put you behind the wheel fast! One of the primary advantages of being a credit union member is that we have the ability to make loan decisions more timely than a traditional option. Financial transactions are typically negotiated on a local level, giving us more leeway in working with you (our credit union member) on an individual basis.

Interesting factAuto loan rates offered by credit unions are often 1% to 2% lower than rates offered by big banks.

  1. Because we have stronger ties to our local community and the members we serve, we are more likely to work with individuals who have less than desirable credit scores. We will often look at other factors aside from just their credit score. For example, a long-time member in good standing may still be approved for an auto loan with a reduced auto loan rate despite having less than perfect credit.

Interesting fact – being a member doesn’t guarantee approval, but you’re likely to have better odds with us than a big bank.

  1. Low auto loan rates aren’t the only benefit of joining our credit union. Once you become a member, you gain access to additional benefits which could include lower interest rates on various products, lower fees, and higher yields on savings accounts. You also enjoy lower costs on mortgages, home equity loans, personal loans, and credit cards.

Interesting fact – The competitive auto loan rates we offer can certainly help you save money rather than lose it. Use our minot auto loans calculator on our website to know more.

Have a question about joining us, applying for an minot auto loans, or perhaps you’re ready to talk refinancing? Whatever your question or need, our team is always happily available to walk you through every step of the process with your best interest at heart.